The Crock Hunter

Crocodile DundeeDate #166: Crock Hunter

At this point in my dating, I’m feeling really confident. I’m not surprised by any situation, I can read a woman really well, and I’m totally relaxed about my presentation and stories. It’s a place I’ve really never been when meeting anyone, never mind first dates. This new found confidence inspired me to have more fun on the dates by challenging myself.

I’m on a date and she asks me about my trip to New York that I had the prior weekend. I started by getting really excited and told her she had to listen to this crazy story. So, I’m in New York and I meet my two friends Jared and Jacqueline. Jared has to stop into work and then he is going to meet us at the bar a little later. He hands me a package and says he got this antique for his father who we would be seeing later on in the evening. He tells me he can’t bring it into his office. He leaves and I immediately want to look. I look at Jacqi and ask if she knows what’s in there and she says no, but let’s take a look and when we open the box our eye shoot open. It’s a crazy big knife like some old world hatchet. I close the lid and ask what is wrong with him. Jacqi tells me that his dad collects old weapons. We head to the bar and this guy asks us for directions and Jacqui helps him out and then he asks for our wallets and phones while pulling out a knife. I smile and tell the guy, “That’s not a knife, this is a knife (in a bad Australian accent)” as I pull out the machete from the box. He looks at the knife and runs away.

The girl is amazed and says did that really happen? Oh my god! I laugh and told her No, that it’s from the movie, Crocodile Dundee. She laughed so hard and told me it sounded a little familiar especially with that terrible accent. It was a good icebreaker and got us talking about something other than what we do for a living.

I can’t take credit for the idea. Stephanie, a friend of mine gave me the idea. It is like crack now, I am so addicted. I like to integrate a ridiculous plot from a movie into a date every so often to see where it goes.

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