Marked For Embarrassment

smudge on faceDate #56: Marked For Embarrassment

I bump into a friend of mine who was at the location of date #42. We talk for a few minutes and she gives me a hug as we part. I sit down and my date arrives and gives me an inquisitive look. It wasn’t the, you are hideous look, but it was a little strange. We start talking and I everything is going well yet something doesn’t feel quite right. After I finish my drink, I excuse myself and go to the restroom. I do my business and head to the sink to wash my hands and look up at the mirror and I say, “What the fuck?” loud enough to startle the guy in the stall behind me. There is a huge blackish mark on my face. I wipe it off quickly and was wondering how long I had this mark on me. I remember my friend had the Ash Wednesday mark on her forehead and must have got it on me when she gave me a hug.

When I head back to the table I start giving my date a hard time. I told her the Ash Wednesday story and that I was appalled she didn’t tell me. We laugh and she said she didn’t want to say anything because she thought it might have been a birthmark. She explained that it’s kind of like asking a woman when are you due? You just can’t say it because if she’s not pregnant there in no coming back from that mistake. Her logic makes sense, but I think you have to take the chance and tell the person.

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